Card Weapons

Card Weapons


Quick Overview

Ben Salinas’ confidence, combined with the right card moves, makes this magic training course a must have. Ben will teach you all of these incredible effects and give you the confidence that you need to perform flawlessly!


  • DJ Shift
  • Marlo Miracle Switch
  • Reverse Hermann Pass
  • RW Spread Pass
  • Vernon Dribble Force
  • Depth Illusion
  • Push Off-2 Cards
  • Push Off-1 Card
  • Spread Double Lift
  • Pinky Count
  • Lorayne Double Lift
  • Thumb Count
  • Derek Dingle Double Lift
  • Strike Double Lift
  • Twirling Double
  • Say When Pass
  • Hindu Shuffle
  • Paintbrush Change
  • Swing Cut
  • One Handed Top Palm
  • Hip Shot
  • Flutter Change

BONUS Ambitious Card Routine!

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