Cards Across By Alan Duncan

Cards Across By Alan Duncan


The Magician asks for two volunteers, one to stand on his right hand side, the other spectator stands on his left hand side.
He takes a pack of cards and opens them. He then asks the first spectator to take the cards and count out 10 cards onto a small tray the Magician has in his hand.
Once the 10 cards have been counted out and placed on the tray The Magician hands a small Rubber Band to The Spectator and asks them to wrap it around the 10 cards and place the cards into their pocket.

The Magician then asks the other spectator to count out 10 cards onto said Magicians Hand. Once completed, the spectator is handed a Rubber Band and is asked to place it around the cards and then place them into his pocket.

He then turns to The first spectator and tells them he will make 3 cards travel from Spectator two’spocket to your pocket, and with a wave of his hand over the spectator’s pocket and some magic words, when the first spectator counts his cards they now have 13 cards. And now the second spectator counts their cards and they have 7cards only. Magically, 3 cards have travelled across.

The secret of this effect is all in the small wooden tray with a magnet built into the centre of it and one shimmed card.
When you look at the tray you will see on one side there is a small opening just big enough for about 3 cards to fit inside.

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